Dear Homeowner,

Is it time to replace that old tired roof before it starts to leak and causes costly damages to your home, or having problems with your gutter system not working properly and leaking, or you can finally afford to renovate your entire house and want to find that perfect contractor who will personally walk you through the entire process and perform professional top quality work and be fully insured? Well look no more because Quality Exteriors Inc. is the company for you.

Save time and money and call now to schedule me, Jim Facer to personally come to your home or place of business to evaluate your project and show you what it takes to do the job right the first time saving $$ on having to do it twice. In the past I’ve had many customers pay me much hard earned money to correct or re-due work that some other less qualified contractor, possibly the lowest priced contractor, already got paid to do and failed to do properly. 

About Owner, Jim Facer:

Born in Newport RI, I started doing roofing, siding, and related carpentry work about 33 years ago servicing Rhode Island and southeastern MA.

About 32 years ago I went to roofing in Midland, Texas and roofed there for 3 years doing various types of roofing such as wood shingled roofs, hand split cedar shake roofs, fiberglass  and asphalt shingled roofs, Spanish tiled roofs, hot tar built up roofing systems and standard seam metal roofs. In Midland, Texas I worked in some of the country’s harshest weather conditions with temperatures in access of 110 degrees. It was then when I learned about the old school ethics like work hard. 

I’ve always believed in honesty and to treat others as you would want them to treat you, and it didn’t take long in my career to realize that the best way to assure that everything goes well on a job is to be present on every job personally.

So for the last 30 years to the present, I worked with those very same ethics in every job I work on. I prefer to answer my own phone calls so I can hear firsthand what my customers need and can respond sooner. I prefer to meet with my customers personally so I can share my 33 years of hands on experience with them in helping them to decide what may be they’re best course of action. And I WILL always be on every job I contract to do personally, working and supervising to assure to my customers that they’re job is done right the first time.

I hope for your sake and mine you have some time and view my website and see some of the work I’ve done in the past and some of the jobs I’ve done personally to show you from well experienced hands what can go wrong on a roof and how to properly fix any problem using just a few old school ethics.


My Promise!!!
I hear time and time again how people need to have work done on their home, some big jobs and some small jobs, and they call several contractors some who drive there and look at the job just to never even give them a quote, to ones who make appointments and never even keep them, to ones who don’t even answer their telephones.

When you call Quality Exteriors inc I personally will answer the phone, I will listen to your needs, I will schedule an appointment with you and I WILL make that appointment on time, I WILL assess the job and provide you with a written estimate free of charge, and if hired I will complete the job as agreed upon and when we agree to do it.



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