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Take some time to review the testimonials from customers who have had roof installation and gutter system work done through Quality Exteriors, Inc. The past jobs we've done near Warwick, Rhode Island, are varied, but the reactions are virtually all positive. It takes experienced hands to properly fix roofs and siding, and we have decades of it.

September, 2008 - Providence, Rhode Island
"I could not be more pleased with Jim Facer and with the professional, thorough and caring manner in which my project was undertaken and completed. When I phoned Quality Exteriors Jim answered the call and was very caring and understanding and immediately responded in my time of need when I had a serious leak in my roof and water entering my house damaging my rooms.

He personally inspected the entire roof, and explained to me how my roof has exceeded its life expectancy and was failing throughout. I knew that my roof was old but had no idea of the condition of it. Mr. Facer was very thorough with the description of the roof job, all the materials that were needed and the exact procedure in which he was to perform the job. Jim estimated a cost to complete the job in its entirety and I believed it to be a reasonable amount so I contracted Quality Exteriors to replace my entire roof and gutter system.

Two days later Jim Facer arrived with a building permit in his hand. While he was there a delivery truck arrived with all the supplies. The driver knew Jim well and told me that he had been delivering to Jim's job sites for over 25 years.

The following day Jim Facer returned with a large crew of very polite and obviously very professional men who immediately after introducing themselves began working. They worked so hard together like a well oiled machine and it seemed like each one of them knew exactly what the other ones were doing at all times. When they were done at the end of each day they all got together and fine cleaned my yard as if they were never there.

The entire job was completed in 3 days and I couldn't be more pleased. I have a new roof and all new gutters on my house, and they look fabulous. My entire house looks so much better and all my neighbors are also pleased at the way my house looks.

I would highly recommend Jim Facer and his crew to anyone who is looking for an honest, hard working home improvement company to perform work on their home. Good luck in your project and I know you are in good hands with Jim Facer and his crew.

Lisa T."

April, 2006 - East Providence, Rhode Island
"Dear Jim,

The work you do is excellent, and I have the impression that your pricing is fair. You have high standards for the work you do, above and beyond what the customer may expect; that is, I think you do what is best, not the minimum you could get away with.

We hope to call on you for roofing jobs in the future, and please add my name to your list of references on the East Side of Providence."

- Norman F. (Director & Librarian Emeritus, John Carter Brown Library)

September, 1993 - Warwick, Rhode Island
"I replaced this roof 20 years ago and the only problem he ever has is with the 3 skylights which he decided not to replace at the time of the new roof. On a few occasions Mr. Murrey experienced some leaking around his skylights and I repaired them 20 years later FREE of charge to prove to him that I stand by all my work.I always have and always will accommodate him. Call and ask him or view his survey he filled out on this page."
- Joe M.

July, 1999 - East Providence, Rhode Island
"Jim, I hired you to replace my roof because you were the first one to actually show up to look at it and after talking to several roofing contractors it appeared to my wife and I that you seemed to show more experience and knowledge in the roofing field. Your price was competitive and we felt very comfortable knowing that you personally would be on the job like you said.

Well I knew you would keep your word because I was going to sit and watch and make sure.
So you did show up and work every day. You seemed to work extremely well with your crew which led me to believing that you have worked side by side with them for a long time. Your men were professional, polite and very clean at all times. I was very pleased with how you kept everything so clean and organized throughout the job.

I think you did a remarkable job and I would highly recommend you and your men to anyone I know.
Good luck."
- Everett K.